Adobe Photoshop Vs GIMP – A Brief Comparison On Their Utility

Every invention is challenged equally well or slightly better than other inventions of the same type. The field of graphic design is not an exception. Today we will share a brief of Adobe Photoshop Vs GIMP.

Photoshop and GIMP are two software that is equally suitable for any type of image editing. Between these two applications, there are some drawbacks, they have many important features, options, tools, plug-ins and some other resources that are better than one for personal and commercial use.

One is rich with some features, and the other is different with some additional benefits. There are many users, some experiences like some gimp, and some other like Photoshop. They argue for the equipment of their love, the additional things provided by the instrument while moving forward.

This content is rich in parallels and inequalities, comparisons and vice versa, and other factors that can help users to establish these two programs and obtain information before using or buying.

Adobe Photoshop Vs. GIMP
Adobe Photoshop Vs. GIMP

GIMP Overview:

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a free and open source photo editing software that is compatible with almost all operating systems like GNU / Linux, OS X, Windows, and so on.

Its source code is shaky and you can distribute your changes. It is very rich with many sophisticated tools and third-party plug-ins which is very useful for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, scientists and more.

Whatever you want in photo editing, you can do here in high-end image editing, restoring, crop, resizing, drawing, creative photo manipulation, color correction etc. It gives designers the power and flexibility to change photos in unique creations. It allows them to create icons, graphical design elements, user interface components and fake-up and more.


There is also a photo editing software developed by Adobe Photoshop Adobe Systems. In the old version of Photoshop offered 2 versions – original and expanded.

However, with the development of Photoshop CC, Adobe decides to travel with only 1 version of Photoshop, which will be displayed with all types of options, as the name indicates itself. The extended version includes many useful options and tools.

It is used for any type of photo editing service. Photoshop Document (PSD) is a highly modified file type that can store the photo in any other format as needed, such as photo reaching, background removal, clipping paths, old and damaged photo restoration, ghost puppies, etc.

The PSD file can often include Layers, Masks, Color Fields, Transparency, Spot Color, Channel, Selection, Text, Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) Profile, Duotone, Clipping Path Settings and many more.

Some Basic Differences:

Different modern businesses require different types of photo editing services to make their product more attractive. And to ensure that, graphic designers are responsible for image beautification. In many cases, they are not limited to single software, because many devices provide specific features and you can not get all from a single software.

By the way, considering the ease of use, tools, resources, and reviews of designers, we found some differences in photo editing tools: Photoshop and GIMP.

When To Use?

If you are a Linux user, you can choose GIMP on Photoshop. You can use this software with a USB stick or device in case of a lack of hard disk because it is a lightweight if you cannot purchase and do not want to use pirated Photoshop, you can open source software Can use ie GIMP To get more user-friendly photo editing software, you might want to use Gimp in Photoshop.

Gimp is free for upgrades, while Photoshop will cost you money if your system is under 16 bits, then use GIMP as it also supports 8-bit system.

Use GIMP If You’re On A Budget:

If you are on a budget and are still not professional, then this software is not for you. Adobe Photoshop has a high price, it is much more than most of the other photo-editing software, it offers different prices and bundle offers for $ 9 to $ 79 for one month.

You can also choose an annual value package which is very low for a learner, it is difficult to buy paid software. But, if you do not like to use Photoshop or want to save money for other reasons, then you can only use GIMP because it’s free.

Use Photoshop If You’re A Professional:

Adobe’s tools are the main options for choice for their multi-purpose tools and professionals. Most customers also work in Photoshop if you work with someone who likes it, they can send you a PSD or other Adobe proprietary format.

If you do not have a device to handle files, you will not be able to work with them for a long time. So, you need it. But, if you are a non-professional person, then you have enough reasons to use GIMP instead of Photoshop.

Use GIMP If You Don’t Need It All The Time:

GIMP, despite its limitations, is a more powerful tool than other free photo-editing apps, it can not be the easiest tool to use, but you can do a lot with it. If you sometimes need powerful tools for image editing purposes, then GIMP is probably the best application for you.

Many apps will let you crop images or make some brightness or contrast, but with GIMP you will get some real Editing can work. For most people, apps like apple photos or Instagram will also be sufficient for their editing needs, but if you want more, you may not be wrong with GIMP.

Use Photoshop If You’re A Designer:

If you are a designer, then GIMP is not really an option, while GIMP can be a decent replacement for Photoshop for some uses, but two other apps in the Creative Cloud – do not keep Illustrator or InDesign a candle. Apart from this, if you are designing for print, GIMP’s lack of CMYK support is available in Photoshop.

What You Can Do In Gimp Only?

GIMP offers a customizable interface. You can change widget theme, colors, widget spacing, icon size, etc. GIMP can read and edit the PSD files. GIMP is a free software and anyone can change and distribute its source code.

You can use many programming languages ​including plan, python, pearl and more. It provides full-screen preview of your artwork and editing work.

What You Can Do In Photoshop Only?

There are two strong color modes that provide Photoshop: RGB and CMYK. RGB mode is used to capture the image in the camera and to paint it on a digital screen. CMYK is for printing your work, however, GIMP has not offered CMYK color mode.

Photoshop provides easily non-destructive photo editing techniques, consequently, this software is required for professional high-end editing. Adobe Photoshop is providing better support You can also get help from a phone call Constantly, its developers fix bugs by adding team bug fixing and new features.

Photoshop provides more power tools for high-end image finishing i.e. it provides several healing brush tools. The jumps repeat the tool that Photoshop had previously offered in some versions.

Photoshop Creative Cloud is an app that offers Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, and more software. This software support each other’s work

The modern camera creates RAW or JPG files. If you need editing, you can open both of these files in Photoshop. Learning Photoshop is easy because of its countless amazing tutorials. You can get an answer to each question and fix every editing solution.

What You Can Do With Both?

Both software allows you to perform basic photo editing tasks. You can make all the simple changes in your photos. Both devices allow an image to resize, crop and rotate again. You can modify or change the color. This will allow you to restore damaged photos.

This software will help you to blur or fix unwanted things by using many powerful tools. You can add guides and text layer masks to all types of image editing services such as clipping paths, image masking, background removal, damaged photo restoration etc. You can use these two software.

Likes And Dislikes:

Likes Of GIMP:

  • GIMP has almost all of the same equipment: this software provides many tools that look like Photoshop Tool. So, who knows the PS tools, he can easily learn the use of these tools.
  • Free and open source, same interface: GIMP is a completely free and open source photo editing software. It is community-based and its interface is similar to PS. Super Lightweight in Linux: This is a very lightweight tool and easy for Linux users.

Likes Of Photoshop:

  • Adobe Suite Compatibility: Photoshop is a part of Adobe Suite. In your creative cloud, there are many powerful tools like little room, illustrator, indie zine etc. Photoshop can read and edit files from these tools.
  • Online support and large community: Photoshop has its own developer team, it has a great online support and a huge community. There is hardly any question, you will not get an answer related to image editing, this is a tool.

Plug-ins, Tools and Tons of Filters: Adobe Photoshop provides a large number of plug-ins, tools, and filters to ease the user’s experience.

Dislikes Of GIMP:

  • There are no tools to be polished in Photoshop: GIMP does not polish its tools as Photoshop, i.e. GIMP gives a Healing brush device while PS provides many brushes for smooth finishing functions.
  • Less Support and Popularity: Since GIMP is a community-based tool, it offers less support and popularity. You have to wait for any support.

It takes some time to load the Windows version: Although this tool works well in Linux, it fights in Windows OS. It takes time to load.

Dislikes Of Photoshop:

  • Photoshop Elements and Expanded Files Expensive: Many people do not like Photoshop’s high price, its element files cost $ 100 and the cost of extended files is $ 1000.
  • The estimated half of the users are copies of pirate: As buying photoshop is expensive, there is a tendency to use pirated copies. Most start using the pirated copy
  • Plugins do not take up with the upgrade: There are many Photoshop plugins that do not take with upgrades and as a result, users experience backdated services
  • Continuous License Verification: Photoshop continuous license recognition is a money-taking and painful fact.


Selecting an app between GMAT and Photoshop will be easy if you think about what you need for it. If you want to use an additional add-on or feature for a professional or a specially influential person, Photoshop may be the first choice.

If you have a Linux machine and you are unable to manage a budget, or sometimes just need to use an editing app, you can take GIMP to edit your photos.

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