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Meet the minds behind excellence. Ours is a team of dedicated employees constantly on the hunt for self-growth and fulfilling client needs.

MD. Abdul Mannan Chaudhary

Founder & CEO

MD. Abdul Mannan Chaudhary is the visionary leader and driving force behind our organization. As the Founder & CEO, he sets the strategic direction and inspires our team to reach new heights. With his wealth of experience, MD. Chaudhary guides our company towards continuous growth and success. His role involves making important decisions, exploring new opportunities, and fostering innovation.

MD. Golam Mostafa Kamal

Co-Founder & COO

MD. Golam Mostafa Kamal, our Co-Founder & COO, combines business expertise with operational excellence. He plays a vital role in shaping our company’s goals, defining its direction, and executing strategies that propel us forward in the competitive landscape of digital services. MD. Kamal is responsible for managing day-to-day operations, making strategic choices, and ensuring that we meet our clients’ needs.

Shahina Akter

Managing Director

Shahina Akter, as our Managing Director, holds a pivotal position in our organization. She oversees various aspects of our operations, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Shahina’s role involves connecting different departments, supervising project teams, and maintaining strong client relationships. Her contributions directly impact project efficiency and client satisfaction.

MD. Rashedul Islam Rashed

Director of Operations

MD. Rashedul Islam Rashed serves as our Director of Operations, ensuring that our projects are executed seamlessly. He is responsible for coordinating timelines and ensuring that our final results meet or exceed client expectations. MD. Rashed brings over a decade of experience to his role, making him a crucial part of our project success.

MD. Habibur Rahman Jisan

Creative Director

MD. Habibur Rahman Jisan is our Creative Director, injecting creativity into our designs and projects. He specializes in photo retouching and image optimization services, working closely with our team to deliver visually stunning graphics that enhance our marketing materials and content.

MD. Abdur Salam Mondol

Software Enginee

MD. Abdur Salam Mondol is a valuable member of our team, contributing as a Software Engineer. He plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining the technology that drives our services, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in our digital solutions.

MD. Mosaddek Ali Millad

Manager (Marketing & Business Dev.)

MD. Mosaddek Ali Millad leads our Marketing & Business Development efforts, bringing our services to a broader audience. He crafts and executes marketing strategies that expand our reach, attract new clients, and elevate our brand recognition. MD. Millad collaborates with various departments to align our marketing efforts with our company’s goals.

MD. Zahid Hasan Ripon

Sr. Creative Graphic Designer

MD. Zahid Hasan Ripon, as a Senior Creative Graphic Designer, plays a pivotal role in creating visually appealing graphics that enhance our marketing materials and content. His creative talents contribute to our brand’s visual identity and overall success.

MD. Mazharul Islam Mamun

Chief Marketing Officer

MD. Mazharul Islam Mamun, our Chief Marketing Officer, leads our marketing strategies with a focus on acquiring new clients and expanding our presence. His expertise in digital marketing drives our growth and success in the competitive landscape.

MD. Abdullah Al Mamun

Sr. Executive (SEO & Digital Marketing)

MD. Abdullah Al Mamun serves as a Senior Executive specializing in SEO and Digital Marketing. His efforts contribute to our online visibility and ensure that our digital marketing strategies align with our company’s objectives.

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