The Evolution of 3D Ghost Mannequin – From imagination to reality

Last week I was browsing some websites to buy some clothes, I got some products that used to meet my needs and I thought how much money these vendors were looking for and inspiring to make their products?

Most of them have photographed professional models which in my opinion were very expensive compared to some websites, where this so-called “3D Ghost Mannequin Design” was used to present the product and I must admit that more Motivational and explaining that a real model because you know that not all people look at the body compared to the body, so I decided to write this article And so you understand that I have done the analysis yet.

Adding 3D Ghost Mannequin is a process for combining realistic features as a mannequin for the product image. It is clear from the name that the effigy is not actually present, but acts as a ghost, without the presence of the effigy, the presence of the effigy is realized, the ghost pupil will be able to wear its actual shape and flatter the actual shape and dimension Helps 3D Ghost Mannea also allows the product to look clean and professional-looking.

Ghost Illustration is an illusion created with the help of image editing services for the growth of product images. 3D ghost mannequins are used most in fashion photography and clothing line products.

How does a 3D Ghost Mannequin product image work better than a normal image?

A generic image of the product has also clicked commercially with a lot of efforts, considering all the necessary factors, it cannot be attractive. This is one of the main reasons because a 3D demon mannequin works better than normal product image.

Make the product more inspiring and attractive:

A normal product image looks dull and boring, while a 3D ghost mannequin makes the product more stimulating. Images with 3D Ghost Mannea have a greater power to understand customers than a normal product image. This is one of the main reasons for adding 3D Ghost mannequins to a normal product image. When compared to a normal image, a product image with 3D Ghost Mannea looks more flattering and attractive.

Great alternative to real mannequins:

3D ghost mannequins are a great option for real mannequins and there are many benefits for this.

Realistic feeling:

Unlike a normal product image, a product image with 3D Ghost Mannequins combines realistic experience. It is usually used for clothing and related products, a normal product image cannot actually be seen, while a 3D ghost mannequin makes it more natural, real.

Give an idea of dimension and actual size:

A general product image lying on the ground, desk or any such surface will not give you a correct idea of the dimensions of the product. But if a 3D Ghost Mannequin is added to it, the product accurately reflects all its dimensions. Knowing the actual shape of the product in a normal product image can be very difficult for customers to make decisions and the actual size of the product and To help them make curves, a 3D ghost mannequin is added.

Why is 3D Ghost Mannea better than real ghosts and models?

3D Ghost Mannequins take customers’ shopping experience to a new level Before that, the real pupil and model were used to show the product category, but there was too much disadvantage in this exercise. To overcome them, many product photographers are commonly using 3D ghost puppets these days. Here are some reasons why a 3D ghost mannequin is better than real pupil and model.

Cost Effective: 3D Ghost Mannequin means adding a virtual, invisible mannequin to a normal product image that is better in many words Clicking product images with the actual model requires a higher budget because the options are quite is costly. 3D Ghost Mannequin is cost effective and costs very little compared to the model.

Minimum time and effort: Adding a 3D Ghost Mannequin takes less time and effort than clicking images with real models because a mannequin does not require much make-up and they are not tired, right?

Attention has not been taken to the men: The biggest benefit of 3D ghost mannequins is that the irrelevant part of this image is not given attention, i.e. parts and model of the effigy This product remains the center of attraction. Allow visualization of product in 3D environment: 3D Ghost Mannea helps customers see the product in 3D environment.

How to create a 3D ghost mannequin for a normal product image?

Getting 3D ghost mannequins from a normal product image is a daunting task. You can get professional help to recreate your normal product images. This is a complex process that can not be explained in some words.

In short, here are a few steps to make a 3D ghost mannequin:

1, Before the creation of 3D Ghost Mannequin, product photo shoots should be done.

2, To compile an ideal 3D Ghost Mannequin, we need photos of the product from all sides and angles. Like wearing a
mannequin in front of a T-shirt and then just neck which was not visible due to the neckline of the effigy.

3, Since this is a common practice for clothing products, so the photos are taken from the front and reverse side.

4, Both of them are found to get a 3D structure. This process is called neck joint.

5, Designed 3D Ghost Mannequin also requires finishing and finishing.

6, Some disturbing things have been removed from it and the ghost puppets have been re-shaped and their size has been
changed according to the requirements.

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