Product Photography for Amazon: What You Need to Know

If you are new to selling on Amazon, you should be aware of Product Photography for Amazon. These include very specific requirements for “main image” and for any additional product images as well as specific file formats. If you do not comply with all rules, then Amazon will reject your photos, and this will cost you money and time.

So this is a quick rundown of Amazon’s product photo requirements. Main Image This is the first picture on your product’s Amazon page. This is also a picture that will appear in Amazon search results, which will include your product. The rules of this image are very strict.

Do you know Product Photography for Amazon?

The whole product should be seen in the picture. The product should fill 85% of the image For media such as books or DVDs, the photo should be covered, and it will have to fill 100% of the image.

Product Photography for Amazon
Product Photography for Amazon

Image background is pure white. There can not be any other objects in the image. The image can not contain any text or graphics

Additional Product Images These are images that you include to show more details about your product, such as back and side visits, or close-ups of special features. Amazon’s rules allow more independence here

Crop or close-up images are allowed. Non-white backgrounds and environments are allowed. Other products or objects are allowed to display the scale or use of the product. Text and display graphics are allowed

Every image you deposit in Amazon should also be in the words of Amazon, “professionally lighted and photographed or scanned with realistic colors and smooth edges.”

Additionally, image files must meet Amazon’s specialties for the file format, file size, file name and more. These are the specifications we can assist you because we know what Amazon needs.

So if you want product photos for Amazon, make sure to let us know when you will send your product so we can ensure that Amazon accepts all of your photos. Also, if any of your requested shots One Amazon will not accept, so we can help you find those options that will work.

You can read Amazon’s full photo specifications here: Amazon: photo editing services Offers

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